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Heineken put couples to the test. Can a man convince his partner to do something she doesn’t want to? Wait. That sounded wrong. Just watch the video!


The melting vending machine. 

Part of Olympus’ anti-phone photography campaign.


Meanwhile Doritos continue to be weird and wonderful 


Something we all disagree on. 


High Life Innovations. Miller Ads by Saatchi & Saatchi

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Red Stripe make music in the corner shop

We’ve been busy getting to tell you about our new and exciting project - where we transformed a local corner shop on the Kingsland Road, Dalston into a giant musical instrument. Products from all over the shop were turned into unlikely instruments and burst into a musical melody when a Red Stripe was selected by a customer - noodle pots became maracas, bottles turned into trumpets and cans into xylophone.

Best of all, we planted 10 hidden cameras catching all the hilarious reactions. Check how this  all-singing all-dancing store brought a slice of Jamaica to the UK

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